(Please note that the player is at the bottom of the post) Click here to listen on iVoxx. What if you were told Yoga was a cult? Would that influence your choice of going to yoga? For JB Stearns who teaches out of Las Cruces, New Mexico, this is exactly what happened back in 1982 when

(Please note that the player is at the bottom of the post) Click here to listen on iVoxx. When Benito Dutcher told me he was available for a podcast jam, I was elated. The excitement of the conversation took us into a conversation that lasted for over an hour. Sadly it was a conversation that was

Ultimate Retreat to release old wounds from your body, mind and soul.   undefined

“Can I be happy, immortal and satisfied through things?” asks Maitreyī of her husband Yājñavalkya as he informs his wife that he is leaving the household to pursue the last phase of life, the phase of renunciation. He is leaving, yet he made sure that her life is one of physical comfort. This is the start

I flew to Singapore to take my son back to his mother on Dec 25th, and arrived in Thailand on Dec 27. Excited to record the last podcast for 2017 with an amazing Thai Yoga Teacher and director of Yoga program at a high end resort. Our conversation flowed so smoothly, despite his hesitation with

The holiday season can feel hectic. Even if you live in remote locations, you feel the season through the internet in all its forms. If you participate in it (which I hope you do), then you enjoy time with friends, family and obviously the craziness of shopping. This Holiday PodCast offers you something to counter

Justen Caron’s background spans years of practice before ever stepping unto the teaching podium. As we sat outside a local coffee in the warm sunshine, it was incredible to hear his story, going from a mutual bet between him and his partner Hallee. Now he found himself in a Bikram Hot Yoga Room and she

(PodCast Player at Bottom Of Post!) Drew Maifeld has a vision for yoga in Des Moines, IA, a model that can be a model for other towns on leveraging on the growth of yoga. A communal space for yoga teachers and therapists to be abel to share students, clients, marketing and infrastructure. You should join

It was time to face the microphone and bare the truth as I have learned it in my journey. This week podcast episode covers my history, my path into yoga, tips for success for students and teachers, as well as some things I see in the development of yoga today. Having started yoga back in

Please note that the actual podcast player is at the bottom of the post! It was by a friend recommendation that Kyle Weiger and I got to meet. When the text message came that I MUST get Kyle on the podcast, I was excited to see that the efforts of getting the podcast out there