(PodCast Player at Bottom Of Post!) Drew Maifeld has a vision for yoga in Des Moines, IA, a model that can be a model for other towns on leveraging on the growth of yoga. A communal space for yoga teachers and therapists to be abel to share students, clients, marketing and infrastructure. You should join

It was time to face the microphone and bare the truth as I have learned it in my journey. This week podcast episode covers my history, my path into yoga, tips for success for students and teachers, as well as some things I see in the development of yoga today. Having started yoga back in

Please note that the actual podcast player is at the bottom of the post! It was by a friend recommendation that Kyle Weiger and I got to meet. When the text message came that I MUST get Kyle on the podcast, I was excited to see that the efforts of getting the podcast out there

(PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PLAYER IS ON BOTTOM OF POST) Adam Beech is a unique Yoga Teacher. A successful entrepreneur, Adam insights into the masculine feminine dilemmas in the yoga field, tips for teachers and students, along with his personal story of recovery are worth every listening minute. Having an idea that yoga is some

It is by sheer fortune and luck that I had the opportunity to meet Leo Tambourine when I came to Beijing to lead a few workshops at YogaMarga Studio. (PODCAST PLAYER IS AT BOTTOM OF POST) Leo who has been living in Beijing for just 7 months graciously accepted my encouragement to share his story

Howard Evans is a rare soul.  A healer whose talents span from Thai Massage to Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga to Parenting. His Thai Massage book is detailed with insights and clear vocabulary, while his newest book “The Story of Rose” is an allegorical tale that explores the modern world’s suppression of true spirituality and the creation of a

Over looking the ocean in the south part of Nathan Beach, in the North Province of Phuket Island, I sweated through my Ashtanga practice on a Tuesday in late October. The chosen spot, The LifeCo Phuket Detox Center Beach Bar, I had just washed, as the cement floor provided solid foundation compared to the soft

Jordan Moniz teaches from a deep place of awareness. Having had a car injury that left his back injured and restricted, his first yoga class was spent in the fetal position known as child pose almost the entire time. Talk about a feeling of “defeat.” Yet he did not allow that to enter his mind,

Mathew Koder’s story, from growing up in extreme poverty in a house with substance abuse mother, to living on the streets and eventually finding Yoga is a powerful testament to what Yoga can do for you. In today’s world of Yoga as a fashion, Mathew’s story, insight and understanding of what Yoga’s deeper intentions are,

It was midnight in Budrum, Turkey where I am supporting a 21 day Wellness Life Changing Program at the acclaimed LifeCo Detox Center, when David Andrew and I got on a call. David teaches out of Orange County, CA and our discussion was so engaging, I did not even feel tired at all. His honesty