Protein Confuses Many People

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  Protein confuses many people. Should I eat meat or should I not eat meat? Should I only eat fish or can I get my protein from vegetables? Every person is different, and every person responds to food differently. More important is to accept that as we age, our tastes and preferences could and will

  The Top Grain Award Goes To…. We shifted from Hunter-Gatherer society to Farming many many years ago. And ever since then, whole grains have been a central component of our nutrition. Back then, when we ate off the land, people were lean and had strong bodies. In North and South America, corn was the

—— Oxygen. The invisible wind that keeps us alive. Oxygen. In yoga it is called ‘Prana’ or life force. Oxygen. Do you know how we get it? What do you remember form High School Biology? Can you recall what photosynthesis is about? Photosynthesis. The process where green plants convert Sun energy into Oxygen. Not the

The Power of Water

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————- You already know what to eat. Eat breakfast, eat smaller meals, avoid eating too late. Reduce processed food and eliminate refined sugar. You already know what to drink. Less carbonate sugar drinks (Red Bull unfortunately will not give your wings, but an ulcer) Moderate in alcohol You know the value of green juices, the

Your own private yoga retreat with your own yoga instructor 24/7 with you? There are plenty of big summer houses around Finland to make your own wellness retreat. Sauna by the sea or lake celebrates the long day before going to bed. A 3 day retreat in a group making food, doing yoga, laughing, conversations

3 Insights into Samadhi

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The word ‘Samadhi’ first appears in an ancient text called Maitrayani Upanishad, more than 2000 years ago. Unlike the English language where every word has a direct meaning, Sanskrit is a poetic language where sounds express concepts rather than singular connotation. Reflecting on the two primary sounds that comprise our word of choice we can get

The great Chinese Yogi, Lao Tzu, is quoted saying: ‘Honor both Mother and Children, but Know that the Mother is dearer, and you will outlive Death.’ In honor of mothers to be, here are five tips for yoginis and teachers seeking to honor them. It goes without saying, but I will say it any way: check

Sun Salutation by H3Yoga

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Sun Salutation is an ancient practice that coordinates breath and movement. The coordination of breath and postures is called “flow”, in Sanskrit it is known as Vinyasa. It was the great sage Vamana Rishi who said 2500 years ago: “Vina Vinyasa Yoga Asanadin Na Kriyat” – “Without flow, yoga poses should not be taken.” Breath is the

Teaching the Future of Yoga

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Are you ready to transform your mind, body, and career with a world-class education that supports you on every level? If it’s important to you to… Make healthier lifestyle choices Grow an intentional business that corresponds to your values Have a positive difference on others You owe it to yourself to give H3Yoga and Studio

SUP Yoga training

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Having been surfing since the age of 18, Gabriel has surfed all over the world. Having lived in both the East coast and the West coast of USA, chasing hurricanes and swells. He has influenced yogis to paddle out, and surfers to flow with the Sun. Gabriel’s passion for the Ocean has been a source