The brain? The brain does not eat food, does it? Of course it benefits from Secondary Foods (food we eat with the mouth, as opposed to Primary Foods.) Walnuts, which look like our brain, provide great oils and fats that the body uses to nourish the brain. But the best nutrition for your brain, is

If someone asked you about ‘higher purpose,’ what would be the first thing that popped into your head? Would you picture a Star Wars like movie, or maybe you would think about a mother saving her child from a falling tree? Did you know that ancient tradition discusses the importance of knowing that there is

Have you stayed up all night wondering why your partner is upset? Maybe you find yourself at the freezer at 2am eating a gallon of ice cream after a break up? When I worked at a high-end resort in Tucson, Arizona, I was shocked to discover how many couples spend years living together with no

How Work Affects Our Health

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In their book ‘The Power of Full Engagement’ Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz discuss at length the importance of exercise to actualize your full potential. In my last post I shared how exercise is our first Primary Food. Primary Food is food that is not digested through the mouth, and yet plays a much more

The First Primary Food

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In my last blog post I talked about Primary Foods and Bio-Individuality. How we are each unique. Each of us enjoys different foods. Primary Foods, on the other hand, are universal to all of us. When our Primary Foods are in balance, we enjoy a state of health and happiness. The foods we eat affect

A few weeks ago I wrote an article showing the similarities between the Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga practices. My friend, Amanda Manfredi, is an accomplished Acro Yoga teacher. She practices daily Mysore (traditional style ashtanga practice) at Tim Miller in Leukadia, CA. After reading my post on Facebook she asked in a comment if I

We are all different. The food that can be uplifting to one person, can be detrimental to another. What you enjoy today could become what you avoid tomorrow. Joshua Rosenthal founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition defines this as ‘bio-individuality.’ Recognizing that we are each unique, the food that we intake is secondary to

Protein Confuses Many People

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  Protein confuses many people. Should I eat meat or should I not eat meat? Should I only eat fish or can I get my protein from vegetables? Every person is different, and every person responds to food differently. More important is to accept that as we age, our tastes and preferences could and will

  The Top Grain Award Goes To…. We shifted from Hunter-Gatherer society to Farming many many years ago. And ever since then, whole grains have been a central component of our nutrition. Back then, when we ate off the land, people were lean and had strong bodies. In North and South America, corn was the

—— Oxygen. The invisible wind that keeps us alive. Oxygen. In yoga it is called ‘Prana’ or life force. Oxygen. Do you know how we get it? What do you remember form High School Biology? Can you recall what photosynthesis is about? Photosynthesis. The process where green plants convert Sun energy into Oxygen. Not the