I want to share with you an insight about something I was talking to my friends today. Wellness is such a used word in today’s health industry. But what does it mean? So I shot this quick video for you describing how I use the word. This coming Thursday at 2pm Pacfic, 5pm Central I


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When I was 20, I read a story about a relationship between Guruji (the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois) and a young man in a wheel chair. Guruji’s fame at yoga has spread in southern India and a family brought their child to Guruji. For many, the child, sitting in a wheel chair, was a

The brain? The brain does not eat food, does it? Of course it benefits from Secondary Foods (food we eat with the mouth, as opposed to Primary Foods.) Walnuts, which look like our brain, provide great oils and fats that the body uses to nourish the brain. But the best nutrition for your brain, is

If someone asked you about ‘higher purpose,’ what would be the first thing that popped into your head? Would you picture a Star Wars like movie, or maybe you would think about a mother saving her child from a falling tree? Did you know that ancient tradition discusses the importance of knowing that there is

Have you stayed up all night wondering why your partner is upset? Maybe you find yourself at the freezer at 2am eating a gallon of ice cream after a break up? When I worked at a high-end resort in Tucson, Arizona, I was shocked to discover how many couples spend years living together with no

How Work Affects Our Health

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In their book ‘The Power of Full Engagement’ Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz discuss at length the importance of exercise to actualize your full potential. In my last post I shared how exercise is our first Primary Food. Primary Food is food that is not digested through the mouth, and yet plays a much more

Your own private yoga retreat with your own yoga instructor 24/7 with you? There are plenty of big summer houses around Finland to make your own wellness retreat. Sauna by the sea or lake celebrates the long day before going to bed. A 3 day retreat in a group making food, doing yoga, laughing, conversations

The great Chinese Yogi, Lao Tzu, is quoted saying: ‘Honor both Mother and Children, but Know that the Mother is dearer, and you will outlive Death.’ In honor of mothers to be, here are five tips for yoginis and teachers seeking to honor them. It goes without saying, but I will say it any way: check

At the request of President Nixon and the encouragement of his teacher Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram Choudhury came to the United States in 1973 to “heal” the bodies of the west. His sequence of 26 poses in a hot room has done more than just heal the bodies of his students. It has fueled a yoga