Ashtanga Workshops with Gabe Yoga & Wellness

"Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing oneself is true wisdom."
- Lao Tzu -

From the ancient traditions, to the modern classroom, Gabe will take you on a journey like no other. Learn why for centuries, people all over the world have practiced Ashtanga Yoga as a specific path to health, vitality, and spirituality. 

Ashtanga Unveiled – The Primary Series

Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois discovered a manual one afternoon, as they were browsing documents buried in the Mysore Palace Library. What they discovered was an ancient manual written on preserved banana leaves detailing a specific physical practice, in accordance with the ideas and philosophical principals outlined by Patanjali in the yoga sutras.

From that ancient paper, to a modern class room Gabe will take you on a journey like no other. Practice is an adventure, and the primary series is a specific path to health, vitality and spirituality. Join Gabe as he unveils some of the mysteries behind this challenging practice, such as why it is recommended to avoid practicing on the new and full moon and why some women stop menstruating when they practice Ashtanga

Gabe’s daily Mysore practice began in 1997, since that time he spent years practicing alone with nothing more than a book for guidance. He spent more than twelve months with Tim Miller who was instrumental in shaping his relaxed approach to the practice, and eight months with Lisa Schrempp whose passion and dedication pushed him to live in India for 6 months. In India he became friends with Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi who reminded him that in the end it’s about practice.

While the practice is physically demanding, it is a practice for ALL levels. Whether you have a daily Mysore practice or not you will find insightful pointers and nuances to re-engage your passion for yoga as well as interesting little anecdotes and stories about India, and Pattabhi Jois or ‘Guruji’ as his students fondly refer to him.

Ashtanga Improve

Those who practice Ashtanga regularly or daily know that while the instrument is the same, the song is different. Every day our bodies are different, and thus practice is different, it is good to remember that sometimes we need to give the instrument a chance to play a different song.

In Ashtanga Improve, Gabe composes a harmony drawing on the principles and postures of the first three series of the Ashtanga yoga system. Inspired by the improve classes he attended weekly with Tim Miller, this workshop will offer you insight into the rules and principals behind the ancient practice of Ashtanga yoga and will help you transform your personal practice.

Gabe has been teaching Ashtanga throughout India, Thailand, Singapore and the US since 1998. Having practiced all over the world, and exchanged ideas with a variety of life long practitioners and well known instructors, his teaching is designed to ignite the passion of daily practice, as much as a musician ignites the fire of playing the scales.