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H3 Yoga builds confidence, skill, and transformation in Yoga Students, Yoga Teachers, and Thai Yoga practitioners. We do this by creating opportunities to observe the diversity of physical range of motion in students, expanding vocabulary with tangible sensation, connecting Eastern concepts with Western anatomy, and exploring the connection between sequences and modern research into health.
You will learn how to listen, which makes you a better communicator, you will learn how to feel which makes you successful, you learn how to share which makes you a more humble teacher.
Developed by Gabe, master yoga teacher and program developer, H3 Yoga program prepares you to stand up and speak clearly and effectively, expands your understating of Yoga’s history and philosophy, it evolution and influence on the world we live in today.

By sharing success stories with you, and encouraging you on your path, we believe that you become the best teacher you can be, you will speak from the heart, and touch the lives of others. If you would like to attend these training please leave a comment below or send an email here.

By walking down your own path, we explore the meaning of practice and teaching through a modern approach of utilizing videos, audio, blogging, and social media to both enhance and hold us accountable to our learning and future growth.

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H3Yoga services

SUP yoga, Ashtanga workshops, Thai Yoga training and workshops, teacher training, Intermediate and All level workshops.

SUP yoga with Gabe Yoga & Wellness

  • A whole new yoga experience on paddle boards!

    Discover a new perspective and passion for Yoga on the Mat;
  • A new challenge for yoga practicioners

    "Yoga should be fun, and inspire other for practice." - David Williams
  • Combine surf and yoga

    Connecting with Nature, while doing yoga on the surf board, offers new experience to both Yoga Teachers Enthusiasts;

Yoga trainings, workshops and more

Teacher Training

  • Yoga Anatomy and Terminology;
  • The Yogic Art of Sequencing;
  • The Yogic Art of Instruction;
  • What makes an instructor stand out;
  • How do you weave a sutra into a posture;
  • Where are you going with your next image;
  • The History of Yoga, from Patanjali to Bikram;
  • The Yin Theory and what makes it different than Restorative;
In this workshop, Gabe shares his knowledge of the three bodies, gross, subtle and casual and how they connect and interact with one another. He will review the anatomy of the gross body in relation to yoga postures; what effect they have on the bone, the connective tissue, the muscle and skin. This section provides students with a solid understating of popular terms such as lateral, and medial, internal rotation, external rotation, and how to use and understand them in an instructional format.

Thai Yoga Training

  • Increase your earning potential ;
  • Become the leader in the Yoga Industry with Thai Yoga;
  • Get a private 50 minutes Thai Yoga experience;
  • Learn how to attract private clients, build network relations, and share your talent with the community at large;
  • Learn what is Thai Yoga and how to apply it to your practice;
  • Learn what is Energy and how does energy flow in the body;
  • Find out about the Yin aspects within Thai Yoga.
Learn Thai Yoga in a systematic, step-by-step approach with Gabe, one of the top trainers in the field of Thai Yoga. If you are a yoga teacher, personal trainer, into body work or would like to know the art of touch to release deep layers of tissues in the body, this is the training for you. Thai Yoga teachers are one of the most sought after yoga teachers in the US and Canada at the moment, Don't miss this great opportunity to gain extra knowledge and income.

Thai Yoga Workshops

  • Practice insights with Thai Yoga;
  • Thai Yoga – History and Practice;
  • Learn the history of Thai Yoga;
  • Become more aware of what causes you limitations;
  • Learn how energy moves in the body and how to observe it in themselves and others;
In this workshop students learn how to appreciate their own bodies by manipulating the body of another. The experience of stretching and pressing on another, while being fully absorbed in your breath and the physical sensations teaches you so much more about your body than the more traditional ‘individual' practices, you become more aware of what causes you limitations, when your mind wanders and how to come back into the present moment. Students learn how energy moves in the body and how to observe it in themselves and others.

Ashtanga Workshops

  • Ashtanga Unveiled – The Primary Series;
  • Ashtanga Improve;
From that ancient paper, to a modern class room Gabewill take you on a journey like no other. Practice is an adventure, and the primary series is a specific path to health, vitality and spirituality. Join Gabe as he unveils some of the mysteries behind this challenging practice, such as why it is recommended to avoid practicing on the new and full moon and why some women stop menstruating when they practice Ashtanga

Intermediate Workshops

  • The Lotus With-IN – Power Vinyasa;
  • Learn the practice of Vinyasa;
  • Learn to surrender your body, focus your mind, and let your breath be guided by supportive instructions;
  • Cultivate a regular practice through daily acceptance of your body.
  • Go Back, Fall Back – The Yoga of Back Bends;
  • Yin/Yang Yoga;
Take your practice to the next level! Gabe will teach you how to blend lightness with strength, how to listen for your own personal edge and go ever so slightly beyond it, and how to cultivate a regular practice through daily acceptance of your body.

All Levels Workshops

  • For the LOVE of Yoga;
  • Good Morning SunShine – The Rhythm of Sun Salutation
Gabe developed these workshops for those who have never experienced yoga and for those who are more mature in their practice yet still enjoy marveling at the infinite wisdom behind it all.


Lets see what people say about Gabe Yoga & Wellness services:

  • Training with Gabe Yoga was a dream come true. Such a joy to train and learn so many new things. I love the variety of yoga we studied and the hours of training was conducive to my schedule. Success!!
  • "Gabe is a brother in the true sense of the word. I have seen him as a student and a teacher of Yoga and can say without a doubt the depth of his understanding is authentic and true. His life is a shining example of what Yoga offers. He radiates clarity, health and vitality. He gives in the most generous ways through his wisdom of extensive study of Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga and Thai Massage. He melts the three into a unique form of energy that connects you to your core. If you ever have an opportunity to be with him go for it and tell all your friends."
    Anthony 'Prem' Carlisi
  • Gabe and his company H3 Yoga is sensational!! I feel like I have opened up another level in my teaching. This training was so worth the work. Gabe was influential in his way of teaching and I enjoyed the humor and fun he offered every day.
  • Gabe Yoga and H3 Yoga training is incredible regardless if you are a teacher or a student. I liked doing a month long training and felt bonded more with the other students. This was a wonderful experience.
  • One of the best training I ever attended, not only did I learn so much about how the body functions and moves, I feel like I understand my own body much better.
  • I did not realize I could move so freely in my own body.
  • Thank you for an inspiring couple of weekends. I have learned so much and felt even more. You are a true gift! My practice will be deeper and richer because of you. I am blessed.
  • I learned so much about my own practice, my body and how I can help someone else. Thank you.
  • Gabe, this has been such an incredible experience for me. I am so grateful for all the training, truly life changing! You are such a wonderful and magnetic teacher. Thank you!
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