All Levels Workshops with Gabe Yoga & Wellness

To dream of the person you would like to be, is to waste the person you are."
- Anonymous -

Gabe developed these workshops for those who have never experienced yoga and for those who are more mature in their practice yet still enjoy marveling at the infinite wisdom behind it all. 

For the LOVE of Yoga

Do you find yourself tongue tied pronouncing “adho mukha svanasana’?
Still trying to decide which sun salutation is right for you?
You are not alone.

Rumi writes: “Let the beauty you love, be what you do.” In this workshop we explore how Rumi’s beauty is today’s Yoga, how the poses we practice are also the every day things that we do.

From down-dog to up-dog, from inhale to exhale, experience the magic of an ancient practice by disappearing into Sanskrit sounds and reappearing shining as bright as the star that you truly are.

This workshop is for everyone. It is for those who have never experienced yoga, or those who have experienced challenges in yoga classes and for those who are more mature in their practice yet still enjoy marveling at the infinite wisdom behind it all. Experienced students and teachers will discover new variations, vocabulary, and approaches.

Gabe has been teaching Yoga since 1994. Having taught internationally, he has helped hundreds fall in love with yoga. As a teacher and training developer he has created and led several teacher training programs and helped to train some of the leading teachers through out Asia and the US.

Good Morning SunShine – The Rhythm of Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar “Sun Salutation'” works each and every muscle in the body.

This practice begins to teach students how to properly coordinate the breath with movement, balances the right and left brain hemispheres, enhances circulation, increases metabolism, develops concentration and tones the internal organs, to name but a few of the physical benefits. Considered to be the oldest vinyasa sequence, this practice has more than one hundred variations.

In this workshop we will explore the history, benefits, modifications, and the many variations of Sun Salutation.

Gabe began his yoga practice in 1991, with a book he checked out of the library. It was Durham, NC, USA, and the closest thing to yoga was the yogurt shop down the street. It was not until the 6th book on yoga that he was introduced to postures and sun salutations…meditation in motion.

He firmly believes that from a physical and spiritual perspective all you need is 15 minutes of sun salutations a day to keep your body and mind in shape and to experience Samadhi, or ecstatic joy throughout your day.

The Inspiration of Yin Yoga

Insight: to have a new view, a different perspective, to be filled. 

Yin yoga provides you with the opportunity for a different and deeper insight into your body than some of the other more physical “yang’ practices. Yin is a quiet practice that moves beyond muscle tissue and focuses on the connective tissue. In this practice your efforts become effortless; you are asked to move into a place of deep stillness…to become stillness itself.

With a passion for history, philosophy and story telling, Gabe will share yogic tales, Zen Koans, commentary on the sutras, poems, and humorous Osho jokes. This amazing practice combined with Gabe’s enchanting voice, with its rich international accent, will blend together to help you discover new insights for understanding your body.

Gabe has been practicing Yin Yoga since the turn of the century; while living in India in 2004 he held a popular daily yin practice out of his home.