Teacher Training with Gabe Yoga & Wellness

Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.
- Chief India Seattle -

Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned practitioner, whether you plan to teach or just want to learn more about yoga Gabe’s Teacher Training touches on a variety of topics that will benefit all who attend.

Yoga Anatomy and Terminology

In this workshop, Gabe shares his knowledge of the three bodies, gross, subtle and casual and how they connect and interact with one another.

He will review the anatomy of the gross body in relation to yoga postures; what effect they have on the bone, the connective tissue, the muscle and skin. This section provides students with a solid understating of popular terms such as lateral, and medial, internal rotation, external rotation, and how to use and understand them in an instructional format.

The Yogic Art of Sequencing

Have you ever listened to a musician who is just learning how to play an instrument? It does not sound much like music.

Yoga asana practice is like playing notes with the body. Each pose is a note in itself, and together they can form a song, a melody, a harmony.

Based on ancient sequences, such as sun salutations, the ashtanga system, as well as insights from modern practices, such as the Bikram method; Gabe will outline principles and techniques for composing the songs of the body.

Where do back bends fit in, where and how to include twists and inversions are just a few of the topics that will be addressed in this workshop. Gabe will provide students with a few sound and proven sequences for them to explore and master.

The Yogic Art of Instruction

Language is a powerful medium. A good instructor can and should be an inspiration to their students. Accurate instruction is a vehicle for students to surrender their minds and trust that the instructor will guide their bodies to exactly where it needs to be an on into a new experience.

  • What makes an instructor stand out?
  • How do you weave a sutra into a posture?
  • Where are you going with your next image?
  • In this workshop we will explore all of this and so much more…

The History of Yoga, from Patanjali to Bikram

Yogic history is shaped by both individuals and mythical figures. Some practices move the body, some do not. Some paths were lonely, some paths were more public.

Gabe will explore some of the teachings and ideas about yoga developed by key figures such as Pantajali, Krishnamacharya, Desikichar, Pattabhi Jois, Iyengar and Bikram. These men have all contributed to the development of Yoga as we know it today.

Gabe takes students on a journey throughout time, to uncover a philosophy that has shaped not only modern day Yoga, but the root ideas that make up humanity as a whole.

The Yin Theory and what makes it different than Restorative

Often confused for restorative, Yin Yoga is more than just staying in a pose for a long period of time.

Yin theory explores how we connect and expand the flow of energy in the body which runs along specific energy channels that reside deep in the connective tissues. You will learn how active muscles often restrict the flow of this subtle energy, while relaxing into our deeper strength unleashes it. Uncover how to distinguish between tight muscles and bone compression, while learning how to relax into the present moment of what is.