Thai Yoga Training with Gabe Yoga & Wellness

"The highest form of maturity is self inquiry."
- Gandhi -

Increase your earning potential and become a leader in the Yoga business with Thai Yoga. In this training Gabe will show you ways to enhance your practice and your teachings, and empower you to offer a unique one-on-one experience to your students and clients. 

Learn Thai Yoga in a systematic, step-by-step approach with Gabe, one of the top trainers in the field of Thai Yoga. If you are a yoga teacher, personal trainer, into body work or would like to know the art of touch to release deep layers of tissues in the body, this is the training for you. Thai Yoga teachers are one of the most sought after yoga teachers in the US and Canada at the moment, Don’t miss this great opportunity to gain extra knowledge and income.

Be the first in this league.

Increase your earning potential

…and become the leader in the Yoga Industry with Thai Yoga, which training will enhance your practice, your teachings and empower you to offer a unique one-on-one experience to your students and clients.

Thai Yoga is a yoga practice for two people, and combines modern insight with the ancient sciences of Yoga and Thai Massage. Founded on proven principles that have been developed in Thailand over thousands of years and improvised for modern times by Gabe, founder and creator of Rejuvenation Thai Massage and Yoga Center, and Edge Body System.

In this Training you will learn:

  • A private 50 minutes Thai Yoga experience that can be offered as an additional service to your students and increase your earning potential.
  • How to attract private clients, build network relations, and share your talent with the community at large.
  • What is Thai Yoga and how to apply it to your practice?
  • What is Energy and how does energy flow in the body?
  • The Yin aspects within Thai Yoga.
  • And much, much more!

Thai Yoga transforms, improves and enhances any physical practice and brings a new element to the Yoga community. The word Yoga means “to connect or unite”, Yoga is the practice of connecting the body and mind. Thai Yoga is the practice of connecting to others and the world around you. As you each focus on your experience, you enhance the other. Both people are practicing yoga and will experience Energy, Strength, Patience and Success.

This training provides you with a certificate and 15 Continuing Education Hours that can be used for your Yoga Alliance certification.