Thai Yoga Workshops with Gabe Yoga & Wellness

Cultivate friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked.
- Yoga Sutras -

Join Gabe in a comfortable, safe and compassionate setting as he discusses what Thai Yoga is and what makes this practice so insightful, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Practice insights with Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga was developed 2000 years ago by an Ayurvedic physician and practicing Yogi.

In this workshop students learn how to appreciate their own bodies by manipulating the body of another. The experience of stretching and pressing on another, while being fully absorbed in your breath and the physical sensations teaches you so much more about your body than the more traditional ‘individual’ practices, you become more aware of what causes you limitations, when your mind wanders and how to come back into the present moment. Students learn how energy moves in the body and how to observe it in themselves and others.

In a comfortable, safe and compassionate setting, Gabe Azoulay discusses what Thai Yoga is and what makes this practice so insightful physically, mentally and spiritually.

Thai Yoga – History and Practice

Thai Yoga is founded on the stretching and pressing principles of Thai Massage. An inspiring practice, it exposes students to a new form of yoga practice; the practice of meditation through connection.

Students will learn the history of Thai Yoga, what makes Thai Yoga different than Thai Massage, and how it compliments traditional asana practice, while developing a new sense of community.

Participants are fully clothed and are guided step by step, in a comfortable, safe and compassionate setting. While Thai Yoga is for any level of practice, it requires comfort in sitting for extended periods of time in hero pose, placing pressure on one knee, such as in lunge pose, and an open heart to learn something new.

Gabe spent almost 2 years living and experiencing the magic of Thai Massage in Thailand. He has studied and practiced throughout Thailand, India and the US. In 2007 he helped to establish a Thai Massage Center in AZ, where he was led Thai Yoga and Thai Massage workshops, courses and trainings. A certified practitioner, he is also accredited by the NCBTMB for continuing education hours.