Thai Yoga Specific DVD

  • Step by step 20 minute sequences
  • Short sequences targeting upper and lower body
  • Specific sequences for athletic performance
  • Can be performed by anyone


Product Description

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, these DVDs are perfect for anyone who practices or teaches Yoga, Thai Yoga or BodyWork.

If you are a Yoga Teacher, a Thai Massage therapist or any other type of BodyWorker you will find these DVD’s an invaluable resource to take your personal and professional practice to the next level.

For those who have never had BodyWork training, these DVDS will help you discover a new way to connect with others and will be an opening to a new world of Yoga for 2 people.

With Edge Body System DVDs you will:

  • Increase your mental and physical energy;
  • Increase joint range of motion;
  • Connect with a deeper sense of who you are;
  • Develop muscle length and elasticity;
  • Enable you to connect and to provide this experience to another;
  • Teach you how to move in an organic, flowing way which benefits YOUR body as much as your partners;
  • Understand how your body functions;
  • A greater sense of joy through sharing with another- Yoga for 2 people;


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