SUP Yoga training

GabeYoga-SUP-yoga-18Having been surfing since the age of 18, Gabriel has surfed all over the world. Having lived in both the East coast and the West coast of USA, chasing hurricanes and swells. He has influenced yogis to paddle out, and surfers to flow with the Sun. Gabriel’s passion for the Ocean has been a source of inspiration in the yoga room. The beauty of the horizon while sitting on a board found vocabulary through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. In his trips around the world, Gabriel has had the pleasure of discovering the fun and enjoyment of combining his two favorite activities when he started SUP Yoga. When the surf is down, or he finds himself far from the Ocean, Gabriel heads to still waters to look at the horizon from different points of views. For those who find surfing challenging Gabriel has been able to offer an opportunity to be on a surf board, while inspiring them to practice on the Mat.

In the words of one of Gabriel’s teachers, David Williams:

“Yoga should be fun, and inspire other for practice.”

With Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, Beginners and Advanced Yoga students discover a new perspective and passion for Yoga on the Mat. Along with connecting with Nature, SUP Yoga Teacher Training offers you a new experience as both a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Enthusiast. The joy and pleasure you discover by watching students conquer the fear of “standing on water” through engaging in something that connects beyond themselves, both to Nature, and their larger self, will inspire you to work with paddle board companies, students and beginners. This lies at the core belief of H3 Yoga, to build and create a universal community, both within Yoga, and other activities.

You will learn basic board safety, how to handle a board, as well as how to guide others through Yoga on the Board. While instructions can seem similar as teaching traditional postures, the buoyancy on top of water provides for a variety of modifications, and adjustments to a more traditional practice.

H3 Yoga’s First SUP Yoga Teacher Training  was held in Boise, ID, in collaboration with Hollywood Market Yoga and Company.

Detailed information about the event

Subject Covered Topics Hours
Techniques Training & Practice:
  • SUP Board safety
  • Paddle an SUP Board
  • Standing on SUP Board
  • Performing Asana on SUP Board
  • Returning SUP Board
 12 hours
Teaching Methodology:
  • Guiding poses
  • Basic poses for everyone
  • Advanced Postures techniques
 5 hours
Anatomy & Physiology:
  • Anatomy of Core
  • Anatomy of legs
  • Balance anatomy on SUP Board
 2 hours
Yoga Ethics for SUP Yoga Teachers:
  • Water Safety
  • Crowd control in open space
  • Respectful ways to keep people together

 1 hour
  • Practice paddling
  • Practice sun salutation
  • Practice standing poses
  • Practice seated poses
  • Practice lying on belly poses
  • Practice lying on back poses
  • Practice advanced postures
  • Feedback and Observation
 10 hours

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